The reputation of the academic programmes at the School of Social Sciences will be anchored on the rigor and relevance of its education to address contemporary societal problems. The education, like its research, will be evidence-based, interdisciplinary, engaged, application-oriented, and creative. It will offer flexible degree programs at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels. It offers academic programmes current and emerging topics to fulfill the needs of the industry, government, and academic partners in the triple-helix partnership. All degree students will be expected to have a solid foundation in the sciences, arts, and humanities. All courses will be open to learner’s keen to pursue higher studies including professionals or lifelong learners.

The programs will be in economics, psychology, public policy, law, sociology and data sciences. The outcomes will help students scale the full spectrum of Bloom’s taxonomy of learning. The design, development, delivery, and assessment of the curriculum will be personalized to students, classes, and cohorts, as necessary. The specification of the curriculum will encompass the course content, textbooks, syllabi, activities, pedagogy, learning outcomes, assessment/​evaluation, and research area. 

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