Academic Research Programmes

The School of Social Sciences envisions delivering application-oriented and creative learning space by offering an innovative curriculum and pedagogy. It is solely driven by its emphasis on research and application, learner-centric approach, and creative approaches through its pedagogy. Such an approach will focus more on the construction of knowledge systems that are application-based. The emerging solutions act as feeders to many of the contemporary problems and issues of the present society. Thus, School Social Sciences ensures that the culture of research and education are interconnected at all levels of its functionality. 

The reputation of research in the School of Social Sciences will be anchored on the rigour and relevance of research. It will emphasize agenda-setting and agenda-extending research at all education levels – bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral, and by its faculty members. The research will focus on translating research findings to practice in the field and insights from practice in the field to research projects. It will seek to: 

1. Apply the social sciences to solve societal problems; and 

2. Advance the social sciences by researching societal problems.

The scope of research will be local, national, international, and global problems such as urban and rural issues, climate change, pollution, water management, statelessness, childhood nutrition, and maternal & child health. The research approach will be East-centered while adopting and adapting the approaches of the West. The research methods will be determined by the requirements of the problem and not by a discipline – they will be intradisciplinary, interdisciplinary, and trans-disciplinary in order to have to sustain the partnership between the industry, government, and academia for the economic, human, technological, scientific, social, cultural, and legal development of society.

Research Programme